The military has always been something close to our hearts. My younger brother served two tours as a Scout of the U.S. Army and I watched my mother watch the news reports in panic on a daily basis. Her youngest, her baby, was over there and she was terrified. My father served during the Viet Nam conflict, and now my brother was serving in Iraq. I’m sure this is something thousands of families are dealing with on a daily basis and our hearts go out to them. Luckily, my brother came home in one piece. Others have not been so lucky, whether physically or mentally, and we feel for them.

I’m telling you this because I want you to know that this is not some marketing ploy we came up with. When my brother was stationed over in Iraq, he always asked for Jerky. My father always made it for him and sent him several pounds for him to share. We have a few clients that purchase it and send it to their children who are currently stationed overseas. So we figured we would raise money and then match whatever we raised.

We would then turn that money into jerky and to be donated to organizations that were putting together care packages for the troops.

We have it set up so that individuals can donate in any other increment they wish.  At our store, they can drop their spare change in our change jar or for $5 they can put their name on a label to be placed on a bag of jerky that will be sent to the troops.  All money collected will be used to purchase materials (meat, bags, labels, etc.) to produce jerky for our Troops.

If you have an organization that is putting together care packages and would like jerky, please contact me. You can follow our progress on Facebook. Records can also be obtained by contacting me here at Joe’s Jerky.

Also if you send me a picture in military uniform eating our jerky will will send your squad a Joe’s Jerky Care package. (one package for squad please)

Thank You,

Jodie-Lynn Patla

President, Joe’s Jerky